Phone Personal

Phone Personal

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S Home Phone


  • Local Calls.20c
  • National Call .20c Per Min
  • Mobile Call .39c Per Min
  • 13/1300 Calls .49c
M Home Phone


  • Local Calls Unlimited
  • National calls .20c Per Min
  • Mobile Calls .39c Per Min
  • 13/1300 Calls .49c
Spice Unlimited Phone


  • Local Calls Unlimited
  • National calls Unlimited
  • Mobile Calls .39c Per Min
  • 13/1300 Calls .49c

We Guarantee The Best Home Phone Plans For You In Australia

We bring to you the most exclusive Spice Home Phone and Landline plans to match your home phone’s requirements. Though a huge population of Australia has decided to switch to mobile phones and have ditched their landlines, still there are citizens who prefer to have a landline phone in their houses for their daily communication. Spice Mobile designs the best Landline phone plans for these people and ready to offer them the most reliable and satisfactory service.

We are here to provide you with the land phone plans that can help you to keep your landline connection live. You can get rid of those huge monthly phone bills and the interrupted phone calls when you avail our home phone service.

Ours Is The Cheapest Landline Phone Plans

Most of the Australians who have said “Goodbye” to their landlines faced common issues; the expensive phone bills. Those phone bills seem to be an extra burden on their monthly household budget. In this era of mobile phones and online communication, they find it useless to keep their costly landlines.

For such homeowners, we bring the cheapest landline phone plans in Australia. Our home phone plans are divided into four distinct categories so that you can choose the right plan according to your budget and needs.

  1. Basic
  2. Fast
  3. Super Fast
  4. Extreme

Spice Mobile believes providing customer-centric services. This is the reason we have designed our home phone plans in a customized manner to match the needs and wants of our clients in a perfect manner. Each of our four plans comes with specific features that can fulfil your requirements – from the basics to the extreme ones.

Why Choose Our Plans

Our Home phone service in Australia has some brilliant features which make it your best option available in the national market.

  •    We have different home phone plans to match your diverse needs
  •    The quality of calls is outstanding and uninterrupted
  •    Our home phone plans come with rational and affordable prices
  •    You can save a good amount of money through our phone plans
  •    This is an easy-to-access home phone plan without much effort
  •    Our experts can support you to choose the right plan for your home

So, no more disconnection of your land phones because of the augmenting bills – contact us for the Best home phone plans for you.