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We guarantee you smarter telecommunication service to let you have a more powerful and acceptable business and personal communication experiences.

All About PSTN

Irrespective of the type of the industry, you need robust and uninterrupted communication. This is one of the pillars of any business. The growth of your company depends on your communication with your potential and existing clients. You need high-speed internet and high quality telecommunication to enjoy perfect communication daily at your office. Spice Mobile provides you with the best PSTN services and broadband service in Australia that will help you to enjoy the same.

We assure you to obtain clear and undisturbed telecommunication as well as internet connection by availing our PSTN service. Faster internet and reliable network makes your business communication stronger than ever. To obtain faster download and upload speed in your office and to have stable bandwidth you can try our PSTN services for business. Crack-less voice calls and strongest WIFI system are guaranteed.

Our PSTN Bundles

We provide you with landline service or PSTN bundle service as per your specific needs. This is the perfect telecommunication solution for those who wish to receive the most impressive services at the lowest cost. In these bundles you will receive flawless internet connection, crack-less voice calls as well as VoIP service; all are put together to make your daily communication easier than ever.

That means now you do not need to buy various packs for different services. We bring to you one single pack which is a perfect amalgamation of various solutions to meet your needs perfectly. The monthly price of this bundle is $34.26 which means you need to pay less for your monthly landline bills when you avail our PSTN bundles.

ADSL/ADSL2+ Bundle Services

We provide you with a free of cost modem through which you can avail our ADSL/ADSL2+ Bundle Service. The cost we charge from you is the price of the data you use monthly; the modem is totally free. Moreover, we provide free of cost activation of the lines and offer monthly maintenance of the lines without any cost as well. That means you can enjoy the cheapest service plans from us.

Besides, we can provide you with an upload speed of 850 Kbps and download speed of 20 Mbps. The downtime of our service is almost zero. You can reduce the monthly bills of your data plans when you avail our service.

NBN Bundles

NBN is the source of high-speed data or broadband connection at your home in Australia. There is an NBN Connection Device which is known as NCD. Our trained experts will set up inside your premise where you want to access the network. Then that device will be connected to the wall socket of your primary telephone so that you can access the data or the broadband inside that particular premise.

The NBN Bundle of Spice Mobile is considered as the best in the Australian market because of the cheapest price NBN plans and the lowest service time available. We take the pride to provide you with the most impressive speeds available with the lowest downtime. Our Cheap NBN plan offers you a nonstop usage of the data as per your daily needs. Our NBN bundle pack is a cheaper option for our clients than purchasing a single service.

Mobile Service

Our mobile service brings some exclusive solutions for you which will help you save a good amount of money every month. We offer you a mobile service at the cheapest rate. On the other hand, Spice Mobile provides you with free data every month. Hence, it will be a great opportunity for you to save money every month.

Our mobile service has incredible speeds as well as significantly reduces your downtime. The internal call rates of Spice Mobile are considered as the cheapest ones in the country.